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Dear Dad
super bad
My dad is finally going back to work since having surgery back in the beginning of April. He's really eager to go back. Lately he's been complaining about being tender(which he probably hasn't been since he was a kid). It's kind of funny, but he's also getting into work mode right now which is kind of scary with his no nonsense serious attitude. Dad has always been one of those people that are just overly intimidating with out even trying. He really used to scare people:) Over the term of his medical leave that aura had left and hiss expressions had softened a bit, but now ti's all coming back full throttle....that doesn't stop me from worrying him going back to work though. He's a UPS driver, and it summer. I'd have to be naive or heartless to not worry.
P.S. The song is because I've just finished watching Yamada Taro Monogatari. I am not all that happy right now at all!


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